I put your cheese back

After a few bugs and a theme change we are stable a again.  Apparently not everyone was thrilled with the change to a light theme for the NexTrip application.  Obviously some people who have better eyesight than I that did not like the light theme and preferred the dark theme so I have put it back as a preference.

We should be up and running again and everything should be calm in the world of free software.  Now, I need to decide where to spend my time – using gps to find stops close by or build the app on IOS.  Hmmm, stay tuned not sure where my mind will go.

If anyone wants to help the github repository is https://github.com/quasma/nextrip-android

You can get the app from the Google play store

Finally Fixed Favorites issue in NexTrip App

I have a new G2 phone and can duplicate the missing favorites problem some have been seeing, I now have fix in My MetroTransit NexTrip version 3.1.1.

I hope all will enjoy the favorites being a bit more sticky.

Next MetroTransit Bus Trip

Here it is version 1.5 of the MetroTransit NexTrip android application published in the market.



Email me if you like it or would like to see it do something in the future.